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At Advanced Robotics Australia, we specialise in Automation & Robotics Integration. We have been operating forover 35 years. With vast experience covering a diverse range of industries and processes. We work closely with Industry leaders to develop a progressive and well optimised solution for our clients. We then dedicate ourselves to providing innovative application specific solutions, with a high level of quality, as well as ongoing after-sales support to ensure your confidence in your investment.

The manufacturing industry is always changing, new platforms of technology being introduced regularly. Automation improves cycle time, accuracy and repeatability while reducing the risks of potential injury and downtime. The introduction of safer working environments and collaborative robotics has opened up many avenues in the scope of automated processes. Automation is more flexible and adaptable than ever.

Our Products

We sell and support many new and old systems for our vast customer base. We carry spare parts for many models, and have local and international access to spare parts supply channels to ensure your production keeps going.

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