Advanced Robotics Australia’s humble beginnings started many years ago, with a single service engineer.

Chris Scott, our Managing Director who supported his clients with a personal and professional service, which he still holds true today.

He was a man on a mission to ensure customers did not stop their production, and would personally go out to breakdowns, services and even for consultation if his clients had questions.

From here Advanced Robotics has grown to be part of the fabric that makes up the Australian Robotics Landscape. We have a fully functioning 1600 sq meter facility located right in the core of Victorian manufacturing where everything from Bread to trains are made, and many things in between.

Located in Dandenong South our facilities comprise of an Engineering workspace, dedicated Electrical System Zone, Training Facilities, Machine Shop &Fabrication area.

Our Engineering work space is an area where our team can collaborate to conceptualise, design and implement innovation. The Electrical Zone is set up as a clean environment for equipping electrical systems and providing a safe space for personalised hands on training. On the shop floor we have metal working, fabrication and machining facilities. Combining design, electrical, fabrication & machining we can utilise our diverse industry knowledge, co-operation and teamwork to ensure our systems are of quality and precision. We are proud that our systems are designed and manufactured in house and proud to be Australian made.

We have a proud history and we hope we can support your future.

Our Vision:Complete support for all automation challenges

Our Mission: Providing advanced automated solutions to secure the future of industry     with reliable and responsive customer service- – worldwide

Our Values:


  • Care about delivering a quality result
  • Value the acquisition of knowledge
  • Are dedicated to long term support